We’re obsessed with delivering the right outcomes. So the Nationwide Retirement Institute® asked retirement-age Americans what financial decisions — good and bad — had the biggest impact on their retirement readiness.

What lessons did retirees have for current workers?

In our survey, we asked people ages 60 to 65 about the decisions they made that helped improve their retirement readiness.1 The most common decisions that had a positive influence on their financial lives included:

  • Working with a financial professional
  • Beginning to save early in their career
  • Maximizing retirement plan contributions
  • Taking advantage of automatic-increase features
But saving for retirement is only half the battle

In fact, 55% of workers say that having access to guaranteed income would help increase confidence in their retirement plan.2 That's where Nationwide's new Dynamic Default feature can help, as it can offer age-appropriate investments as participants approach retirement.

Check out this video to learn how offering this new feature could make a big difference, no matter how close to — or far from — needing retirement income your participants may be.

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[2] 2024 Nationwide Retirement Institute In-plan Guarantee Survey, Sept 2023